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Stories from my personal Family History research in England

My Sixteen Great-Great-Grandparents

Thomas Davies Thomas was born in 1834 at Dilwyn, Herefordshire. He was baptised at the parish church on 23 November 1834. He was the eldest of five children born to Francis Davies and Eliza Cheese. Thomas married Ann Davies on… Continue Reading →

The search for John Shea’s father – Did he come from a Land Down Under?

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A family mystery (nearly) solved… It’s very frustrating when you come up against a ‘dead-end’ or ‘brick-wall’ in your family history. These are often the result of an illegitimate birth. One such occurrence in my father’s family was playing on… Continue Reading →

In Search of George Alfred…

George Alfred Davies. General Hawker. 30 Bridge Lane, Lancaster. This was my paternal grandfather’s name, occupation and address, as stated on my father’s birth certificate. Dad had told us his father was a gypsy and he had memories of him… Continue Reading →

My Eight Great-Grandparents

George Davies George was born in Dilwyn, Herefordshire on 9th Dec 1855. He was a Fruit Hawker, often in trouble with the police. He travelled around Hereford and Worcestershire and Kent, hop-picking and hawking. He and my great grandmother Honora… Continue Reading →

My Four Grandparents

George Alfred Davies George was born 3rd June 1903 in Worcester, England. Raised by his mother, he worked with his family, the O’Shea’s, as a Flower and Fruit Hawker. They were very well known in Worcester. He was known to… Continue Reading →

My Parents

Father – Brian Davies My father was Brian Davies born at Bridge Street, Lancaster in 1934. He was raised in Abbey Home, Staveley, Westmorland and attended Windermere Grammar School. Brian met and subsequently married my mother, Barbara Heppell, in 1957… Continue Reading →

Sandra Lightfoot

I was born in York, Yorkshire, England in 1965. Raised in the Woodthorpe area of York since the age of 3, I attended the local primary school. I was a quiet child, quite studious, I loved reading and writing stories…. Continue Reading →

George Davies – Sea-born or Storyteller?

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I certainly had some fun finding out about my great-grandfather George Davies! George first appeared to me aged 46 on the 1901 census. He was living with my great-grandmother, Honora Shea, in Newport Street, in the city of Worcester. George… Continue Reading →

John Shea & Margaret Donovan – Theft at Cheltenham in 1877

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When you chance upon the criminal activities of an ancestor in the records, don’t despair! These reports can offer a wonderful insight, not only into their personality and character but may also reveal more about their physical appearance, especially exciting… Continue Reading →

Alice Foster – York 1853-1924

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When I first discovered Alice in 1881, she was known as Alice Wood. Alice was my great-great grandmother, wife of Benjamin Wood, a Waterman on the River Foss, mother of Alice Wood and grandmother of Reg Heppell. Before I added… Continue Reading →

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